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In which we discuss the difficulty of speaking out loud, like, where people can HEAR YOU. (read more)

A friend has recently sent me her old SLR camera, making me remember the love of photography that I had in art school. (read more)


When I first got out of art school, I still thought that web design was just like designing for print. In my defense, that was back in the stone age when that statement was actually kind of true. As sites because more and more CSS and database-driven, I was standing around going, “what’s with all the rectangles?!” It was terribly frustrating, and I just stood around shaking my little fist as the world changed around me.

Then, one day, two things happened. CSS grew up, did more things, and got pretty. Shortly thereafter, I grew up and did more things, too. I now live in harmony with both CSS and databases. I’m super stoked about it, as you can tell from the mid-jump picture.

Next stop: peace in the Middle East.

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