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Best Magazine Digital

Project: Flash version of Best magazine
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Audacity, Final Cut, Flash, ActionScript 2.0, HTML, Dynamic Text, FLV Encoding

These are samples from digital editions of Best magazine that I did during my time at Sitening. When I was hired, they had just begun their work with their digital magazine software, Futurpublish and they needed someone to rebuild magazines in Flash. I told them I had a book on Flash and I could hurry up and read it. For some unknown reason, they hired me anyway.

Go On. Play with them.

The thumbnails here link to the swfs from the magazine. The scrollbars scroll! The rollovers roll! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

So, yeah. It was like the IronMan Triathlon of project management, work arounds and being really, REALLY picking about every little thing. So. Much. Coffee. So. Much.

Want to see more?

Is there more? Oh, honey, yes.
Spring/Summer 2008
Winter 2007
Spring/Summer 2007

How It Worked:

The people over at Best would send me Quark files and assets and I would get to work on figuring out how to make their layouts work well on a tiny computer screen and how to add amusing multimedia elements. It usually worked like this:

  1. Print a list of each magazine spread and what should be on it
  2. make a quick drawing of what the digitized spread should look like
  3. Photoshop or do whatever to change and animate things
  4. Lay out the page in Flash using scrolling dynamic text boxes formatted with HTML in the Actions window, making sure to avoid any special characters
  5. Check everything. Double check everything. Triple check everything.
  6. Mark the layout as “done” on the printed list and continue to the next layout

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