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Guerilla Warfare: Cool Springs Mall Thumbnail
Guerilla Warfare: Mt. Olivet Thumbnail

Guerilla Warfare

Project: Final project for Black & White Photography
Skills: 35mm SLR photography, dark room development, dancing

The point of this project was to make a statement about the narrow range of behaviors that are acceptable in various situations, making a poitn about the value of a little well-placed social deviance. Given that the point is sort of arty and pretentious, I infused a little humor into the execution by making my “deviance” be dancing in place where dancing isn’t generally done.

Cool Springs has no sense of humor…

For the picture from Cool Springs Mall, I set up a tripod and used the self timer to take my pictures. Alas, the self timer was just too slow and some ill-tempered security guards asked me to leave before I’d gotten more than a few pictures. The reasoning: I was “obstructing the flow of traffic.” I have since been back to Cool Springs Mall and avoided the dreaded (yet probably fictional) “Mall Jail.”

but Wal-Mart does.

After the Cool Springs incident, I employed a friend to act as “trigger man” for the pictures. Little did we know, you can absolutely carry a 6-foot tripod through Wal-Mart, set it up and dance in the produce section without anyone so much as batting an eye.

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