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In which we discuss the difficulty of speaking out loud, like, where people can HEAR YOU. (read more)

A friend has recently sent me her old SLR camera, making me remember the love of photography that I had in art school. (read more)

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I’ve been doing design for about 7 years, focusing on web but also doing a little bit of print and branding. As part of what seemed like a natural progression, I’ve been working on an AAS in web application development over at Nashville State. I also have a BBA from Belmont University (part of a youthful delusion about doing sound engineering) and I learned graphic design at Watkins College of Art & Design.

What do I do when I’m not compulsively going to college? Crossword puzzles, deal hunting at thrift stores and antique malls, jigsaw puzzles, playing
music, writing blogs and essays, working on my house and exercising. Oh, and hanging out with friends, some of whom let me be in their fake Rock Band band. I do a mean “Livin’ On A Prayer.”