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In which we discuss the difficulty of speaking out loud, like, where people can HEAR YOU. (read more)

A friend has recently sent me her old SLR camera, making me remember the love of photography that I had in art school. (read more) - featured

Project: Site design and build for Life Coach Suzie Kerr Wright
Skills: HTML, CSS, Wordpress, PHP, Illustrator, Photoshop, SQL
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Bullock, Smith & Partners

Project: Site build for Bullock, Smith & Partners architects
Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash
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Nashville Dave - featured

Nashville Dave

Project: Site build for “Nashville” Dave Harper
Skills: HTML, CSS, editing XML
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Rosepepper - featured

Rosepepper Cantina

Project: Site build for Rosepepper Cantina
Skills: HTML, CSS, Flash, Dynamic Text boxes, Lightbox
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BirdE - featured

BirdE Design

Project: Site build for Birde Design
Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash
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